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School Health Safety

Schools have always been places of growth, inspiration and achievement. Today, COVID-19 threatens campus life and the health of teachers, staff and students.

On-Site Medical Services brings evidence-based healthcare services and peace of mind to schools in New England and throughout the United States. 



Here’s how On-Site Medical Services helps keep schools safe:

  • On-Site Testing (Results in 15 minutes - 48 hours)

  • Antibody Testing

  • PPE

  • Healthy Living Products 

  • Daily Digital Self-Assessment Tools

  • Pre-Entry Temperature Readings

  • Staff Health Screenings

  • 24/7 On-Call Telehealth

  • Population Health Management

On-Site Medical Takes Your Testing from Start to Finish

Fast & reliable. 

As a medical provider to schools, On-Site Medical Services is experienced working on campuses and knows how to plan, build, operate and clean up testing sites without disruption to campus life. We take care of everything from start to finish, including the disposal of medical waste, so you can focus on running the school. Our full medical staff will arrive on campus and ensure your school’s testing experience is of the highest caliber of safety and care, including your COVID-19 test results in 48 hours or less, guaranteed. To prevent fast-spreading outbreaks.

Keep Teachers Safe
Protect Students from COVID
Healthy Living Products 

Daily protection.

V Shield is an innovative sterilization technology that easily clips to masks, clothing and bags. This wearable clip repels microorganisms and sanitizes a 1 meter “personal bubble” around the wearer for 30 days.  Learn more about V Shield


HandShield hand sanitizer provides a long-lasting protective antimicrobial barrier – up to 8 hours, even after washing your hands up to 15 times. Free of alcohol, residue and odor, Handshield is skin-friendly with soothing conditioners to prevent dryness. Learn more about Handshield.


Wellbility: A Modern Solution to the Pandemic Problem

A Modern Solution to the Pandemic Problem.

On-Site Medical Services has developed a healthcare app to make tracking and assessing COVID-19 symptoms easy and effective. The Wellbility app uses a health and symptoms questionnaire to assess COVID-19 symptoms, then recommends a specific action step, such as self-quarantine or schedule a test. Wellbility also offers augmented contact tracing to effectively track and manage individual exposure to COVID-19. Click here to learn more about what Wellbility can do to help you manage COVID-19 at your school.

Contact Tracing
Stay Open Safely 

Ensuring a successful school year.

Our medical team and safety experts are ready to create and implement a tailored plan to help your school stay open, safely.  Get a quote today.

NH COVID Testing for Schools