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Safety for the Camp Industry

After months spent indoors, campers will be looking to enjoy their favorite summer camp as soon as they open. Many camps are adjusting their policies to include social distancing, sanitary precautions and limited capacity. On-Site Medical Services is here to support camps and assist with compliance by offering a combination of healthcare services that provide clinically backed care and peace of mind for the camp season and beyond. See our testing options here.

Summer Camps.png
Summer Camps.png
Safe Camps

Here’s how On-Site Medical Services helps make the camps safe:

  • On-Site Testing (Results in 24 hours)

  • 24/7 On-Call Telehealth

  • Daily Digital Self-Assessment Tools

  • Staff Health Screenings

  • Pre-camp at-home testing

  • Population Health Management

  • Advanced Antibacterial Products 

Leverage Technology

On-Site Medical Services has developed a new healthcare app to make tracking and assessing COVID-19 symptoms easy and effective. The Wellbility app uses a health and symptoms questionnaire to assess COVID-19 symptoms, and then provides a specific action step to take based on the individual’s responses, like self-quarantine or scheduling a test. Wellbility also offers augmented contact tracing to effectively track and manage individual exposure to COVID-19. Learn more about what Wellbility can do to help you manage your pandemic response.

Summer Camps.png
Summer Camps.png
Testing from Start to Finish

There has been plenty of talk about COVID-19 testing fumbles, but On-Site Medical Services knows how to plan, build, operate and clean up a testing site. We take care of everything from start to finish, including disposing of medical waste, so you can focus on your campers, employees and business. We come in with a full medical staff to ensure the highest safety and care of your testing experience. And, we guarantee your COVID-19 test results in 24 hours or less. 

Get Ready to Reopen Safely

Our team of medical staff and safety experts have already been working to create and implement tailored plans for university-reopenings, and we know how to help the camp industry reopen with the highest care for the health and welfare of staff and campers. Our team can partner with existing camp medical staff to customize a plan.


Let’s have a safe camp season, together. Get a quote today to see how we’re ready to help you reopen for summer and start planning.

Summer Camps.png
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