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Experts in travel testing. New England industry leader in same-day PCR testing for international travel. Successfully helping people get to over 84+ countries worldwide. Featured on Rated B-Globe Number 1 travel testing location in the greater Boston area.

No doctor's appointment or referral is required.

24/7 on-call PCR testing available, come to us or we go to you.

Traveling is not a medical necessity so it is not covered by health insurance. We will not see symptomatic patients.

Now providing Stamped Results and Test Certificates!

Effective 07/30/2021: If you are vaccinated and offer valid proof of full vaccination status you may receive a discount for Same-Day PCR Tests: $194. Thank you for getting vaccinated. 

30-Minute - 2 hour RT-PCR (NAAT) Guaranteed (In-house)

Meets all travel testing requirements including Singapore, Canada, UK, Korea, India, UAE, and many many more destinations. Receive your test results via email, text, and paper. Your passport number can be included on results. Not offered elsewhere. Learn how we do it. Same-day appointments are accepted. The test is administered with a nasopharyngeal swab unless you let us know before swabbing that your destination accepts other swab types. Our tests are accepted for international travel.  Book A PCR Test for Travel Now!

$219 or

Vaccinated Pricing: $194

10-Min Rapid Antigen (In-house)

Meets some travel guidelines such as US Virgin Islands and Jamaica. Easy, quick, and efficient. Lower price than competitors (price match guarantee). Your passport number can appear on your test results.  Book Now!


15-Min Antibody (In-house)

Accepted by some countries and states for entry. Be sure to check your destination before choosing this test. Book Now!


20-Min Abbott Molecular (NAAT) (In-house)

Meets some travel requirements including Aruba. More countries are beginning to accept the test, be sure to check your destination's guidelines. Exceptional accuracy and less time. Lower price than offering at Logan airport for the identical test. Your passport number can appear on your test results.  Book Now!


CAAP- Certified Laboratory RT-PCR (NAAT)

For travel destinations that specifically require CAAP certified labs. No guarantee of result time. The average time is 72 hours. Your passport number cannot be included. Results are sent via email. 



If you receive a Same-Day inhouse test

  • We provide test results that comply with all international travel requirements

  • You can have your passport number appear on your test results 

  • We do the research into travel requirements so you do not have to

  • You can receive a PDF and/or paper copy of the results

  • We accept foreign addresses

  • We can fill out any test paperwork necessary for travel including paperwork for Japan and Hong Kong

  • You receive exceptional professionalism the entire time

  • 24/7 customer support available by phone call or email

  • We rerun invalid results at no extra charge

  • Custom early morning or after hour appointments available for an additional charge

  • Open on holidays and weekends

-- We can go to you! Inquire about in-home testing services for VIPs and corporate clients ---

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