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Reach a real human immediately for booking by calling: 603-540-4739

Travel Testing & Voluntary Testing Options

Experts in getting you back to normal. We have an unbeatable turnaround time. We are the only healthcare provider in NH providing 30-minute RT-PCR tests.

Traveling is not a medical necessity so it is not covered by insurance. The government does not sponsor travel, so testing is not free. However, our testing is more accurate than free options.

No doctor's appointment or referral required.

30-Minute RT-PCR (In-house)

All travel testing requirements. Receive your test results via email, paper, and on the app. You can have your passport number included. Not offered at Logan International. Learn how we do it. Not offered elsewhere in NH. Book Now!


20-Min Abbott Molecular (In-house)

Meets some travel requirements including Massachusetts and Aruba. Exceptional accuracy and less time. Lower price than offering at airport. Book Now!


15-Min Antibody (In-house)

Accepted by some countries and states for entry. Not offered elsewhere in NH. Book Now!


Expedite RT-PCR (15-30 Hours)

Meets all travel requirements. CAAP certified and internationally accredited laboratory. Receive your results via email. The fastest average turnaround in NH for volume testing. (time is based on after lab receives the sample) Book Now!


10-Min Rapid Antigen (In-house)

Meets some state guidelines. Easy, quick, and efficient. Lower price than competitors. Still, no doctor's appointment required. Allowed for entry to Jamacia. Book Now!


At-Home RT-PCR Test Kit

Great for when you return home from your trip before you return to work! The typical turnaround is 30 hours. (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT)



If you receive an inhouse test:

  • We provide test results that comply with all international travel requirements

  • You can have your passport number appear on your test results

  • We do the research into travel requirements so you do not have to

  • You can receive a PDF, paper, and app-based copy of your test results

  • We accept foreign addresses

  • We can fill out any test paperwork necessary for travel

  • You receive exceptional professionalism the entire time

  • 24/7 customer support available by phone call or email

  • We rerun in-house invalid results at no extra charge

Reach a real human immediately for booking by calling: 603-540-4739

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