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COVID-19 testing for international travel. As seen on


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Providing Stamped Results and Test Certificates! PCR results with QR Code!
We offer nasopharyngeal test options.
Request an itemized bill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 

Plan-ahead discounting is available for PCR testing. Frequent customer discounts are now available. We accept HSA cards.

Now issuing SMART® Health Cards for test results! 

Same-Day RT-PCR (NAAT) Results Within 3 Hours

Meets all travel testing requirements including Japan, Grenada, Singapore, Antigua, India, & UAE. Receive your test results via email, text, and paper. Passport numbers can appear on results. You do not need to wait for your test results and you are permitted to leave. Our tests are accepted for international travel.

$250 or Plan-Ahead Discount Price of $199

1 Hour Min Rapid Antigen

Meets some travel guidelines. Easy, quick, and efficient. Lower price than competitors.  You do not need to wait for your test results and you are permitted to leave. The test is administered with a nasopharyngeal swab.  Your passport number can appear on your test results. 


1 Hour Abbott ID Now Molecular (NAAT)

Meets some travel requirements ask us if it meets your travel destination. Check your destination's guidelines. Exceptional accuracy and less time. The test is administered with a lower nasal swab. Your passport number can appear on your test results.  


Return-Home Antigen Testing

We now provide remotely monitored testing that allows you to gain re-entry into the United States. We will monitor the testing and issue you a test result that complies with US travel guidelines. You must have a stable internet connection and pick up the test at one of our testing locations.




  • We provide test results that comply with all international travel requirements

  • You can have your passport number appear on your test results 

  • We can do the research into travel requirements so you do not have to

  • You can receive a PDF and/or paper copy of the results

  • We accept foreign addresses and phone numbers

  • We can fill out any test paperwork necessary for travel including paperwork for Japan

  • You receive exceptional professionalism the entire time

  • 24/7 customer support available by phone call or email

  • We rerun invalid results at no extra charge

  • Custom early morning or after hour appointments available for an additional charge

  • Open on holidays and weekends

  • We can stamp your test results

  • We provide a QR code on test results

  • We text and email test results to you! No need to wait around for results.


---At-Home Concierge Testing for VIPs and Corporate Clients Available--- 

Londonderry Testing Location

Londonderry Priority Travel Testing Clinic

25 Nashua Road Unit A3

Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053

(We serve you from your car) REMAIN IN CAR



Manchester Testing Location

Manchester Travel Testing Clinic

1500 South Willow Street

Manchester, New Hampshire 03103

(Parking lots 17-20) near LongHorn Steak House (Put Longhorn in your GPS)
Drive-Through Clinic Outdoors Near the Corner of the Mall Parking Lot


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