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New App-Based COVID-19 Contact Tracing

On-Site Staff

May 29, 2020

Accepting new clients for initial deployment of the iOS contact tracing application for businesses and universities.

On-site Medical Services is proud to announce new app-based contact tracing capabilities. We are currently accepting clients for a "white-label" solution contact tracing application. The application will offer clients the ability to offer all individuals in a specified group access to a iOS contact tracing application to track the spread of COVID-19. Thanks to our dedicated work from our development and infectious disease team we are excited to announce we will be rolling out the app-based solution to a limited number of clients.

Our medical response team will be integrating COVID-19 test results into the application for clients that choose to utilize our regular testing capabilities. If a positive case is identified from testing, the application will alert all users who have come within 6 feet. Users will also have the option to notify the app if they have positive COVID-19 test results, allowing the application to notify users who were within 6 feet in the past 14 days.

The application will utilize Bluetooth technology to ensure a more accurate notification of users. First implementation will be soon for iOS devices with plans for Android deployment before August 2020. Clients will have the option to tailor the app capabilities and appearance to suit their needs. Clients will be able to use their own logo and design for the application. Further, clients will be given the choice of additional add-ons such as comprehensive COVID-19 screening capabilities and telehealth. Best of all this technology is backed up by the latest medical knowledge relating to COVID-19. Our high-tech contact tracing solution offers employers and universities an opportunity to fight COVID-19 infections.

On-site Medical is currently accepting reservations and deposits for a limited number of clients for the first launch of the iOS application. Please contact our sales team for demos or more details about how we can create a tailored application for your organization.

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