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Corporate Addresses

Dispatch Center:

71 Belknap Ave

Newport, NH 03773


Tel: 603-826-6500

Corporate Headquarters:

145 Broad Street

Claremont NH 03743

COVID-19 Testing

Mall of New Hampshire Manchester COVID-19 Testing Clinic

1500 South Willow Street

Manchester, NH 03103


COVID-19 Testing in NH - On-Site Medical Services provides university health services, organizational health and OSHA testing services, and travel testing for Covid-19. We provide a wide variety of Covid-19 testing needs, including PCR tests, rapid tests, molecular tests, and can accommodate last minute testing needs. We also provide vaccines and vaccination services around the state of New Hampshire, administering Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as boosters to protect against Covid-19 Delta and Omicron Variants.

Please note: No COVID-19 testing or vaccination takes place at the Newport, New Hampshire facility. 

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