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Wellbility Onsite Medical

High-Tech Solution

A user log capable to ensure no interaction is missed:
when an employee isn’t carrying their phone, they can manually enter an interaction.  Supplements the automated contact tracing to create a more complete list.

Wellbility Symptom Tracking
Self Assessment App
Symptom Tracking App



An incorporated daily self-assessment tool to aid you with early intervention. Intuitive prompts on the next action to take when symptoms are present.


Wellbility is an application used by an organization to help with population health management. Wellbility cannot diagnose, treat, or prevent any illness. The use of Wellbility or any application will not prevent acquiring COVID-19. Individuals facing health concerns should consult with a licensed medical professional if they believe they are in danger or have any ailment requiring medical attention. Wellbility is not intended to replace medical professionals.  No one should ever rely on Wellbility for medical advice. Prevention of any illness starts with the individual, and Wellbility cannot ensure individuals will not participate in risky or dangerous behaviors. Speak to a medical professional before making any major personal health decisions. The use of Wellbility does not establish a physician-patient relationship. Users of Wellbility are assuming the risk that information presented may not be correct. Wellbility users must consult with a medical professional before making any decision based upon information provided byWellbility. Children should be supervised when using Wellbility. Unsupervised children are prohibited from using Wellbility. The use of Wellbility does not mean any individual is healthy or will remain healthy. 

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