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Higher Education

The pandemic increased the awareness of parents, students, faculty and staff to on-campus health services. Additionally, staffing shortages have made it difficult to provide adequate, let alone enhanced, medical services to a campus community.


On-site Medical Services experience in operating health centers on and off college campuses makes us the ideal partner to address the current and future challenges faced by Higher Education as it relates to campus healthcare services.

"Our partnership with On-site Medical Services during the pandemic was one of the primary reasons why we were able to keep our campus open and our students, faculty and staff safe. Because of that success, it was only logical to extend that partnership post-pandemic to include operating our campus health center. "

- Allison Gill, Ed.D., Vice President of Student Affairs and Success

Merrimack College On-Site Medical Services Covid Partnership
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Schools We've Helped

Colby Sawyer Covid Testing
Emerson College health services
rivier university health services
Merrimack College COVID Testing
Westfield State University COVID Testing

Hamel Health Center at
Merrimack College

On-Site Medical Services teamed up with Merrimack college

Partnered with On-Site Medical Services, the Hamel Health Center is staffed by licensed healthcare professionals, provides confidential medical health services to all Merrimack students for acute health issues and injuries, wellness visits, lab work and referrals.

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