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School Health and Wellness

School Health and Wellness

On-site Medical Services partnered with several colleges, universities and independent schools during the pandemic to provide innovative, convenient and cost-effective medical solutions to faculty, staff and students. These efforts helped strengthen the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve.


That experience has further positioned us to assist these same partners in the uncertain post-pandemic world.  Campus health services (including women's and sexual health) and tele-health are examples where our expertise can provide a solution. 

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Higher Education

The pandemic increased the awareness of parents, students, faculty and staff to on campus health services. Additionally, staffing shortages have made it difficult to provide adequate, let alone enhanced, medical services to a campus community.


On-site Medical Services experience in operating health centers on and off college campuses makes us the ideal partner to address the current and future challenges faced by Higher Education as it relates to campus healthcare services.

Independent and other Private Schools

Like colleges and universities, the pandemic stretched the resources of Independent and other private schools thin.


On-site Medical Services became a valuable partner for many of these schools during that time providing customized health and wellness solutions. This unique experience has positioned us to assist Independent and private school partners to address their future campus healthcare needs.

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K-12 Schools

Schools have always been places of growth, inspiration and achievement. COVID-19 threatened the health of teachers, staff and students during the time of the pandemic. In response, On-

Site Medical Services brought evidence-based healthcare services and peace of mind to many schools in New England and throughout the United States.


Meet The Team

James Keady


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Andrew Maylor

National Director of Healthcare Solutions - Higher Education

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