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Individual COVID-19 Testing

The following pricing and information are not reflective of On-site Medical Services. Our sister company, Keady Family Practice, offers tests for individual healthcare consumers. If you are symptomatic you must see a provider. If you are not sick you may receive a test at the following out-of-pocket rates:

Your test options:* 
1) Rapid Antigen Test: (10 - 15 minutes) 
2) Molecular-based (Privalabs) (24 - 48 hours)
3) Molecular-based (Quest): Billing by Quest (4 - 10 days)
4) Rapid Molecular-based
5) RX only at-home COVID-19 Molecular-based PCR (EuroFins)
6) Rapid antibody test (15 minutes)

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Emergency COVID-19 testing line: 603-359-6298

*testing options and pricing differ for On-site Medical Services