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On-Site Medical Partners with VTel to Provide Employee COVID-19 Antibody Testing

On-Site Medical Staff

May 5, 2020

Business cooperation to achieve a healthy community and allow Americans to work.

Today, On-Site Medical announced immediate availability of Employee COVID-19 Antibody Testing so employers can test entire employee workforce, “Employee COVID-19 Antibody Testing provides employers, employees, and customers peace of mind.” said Jim Keady, President at On-Site Medical.

Positive Customer Impact
Many customers have already benefited from deploying Employee COVID-19 Antibody Testing. VTel, the leading provider of state-of-the-art fiber-optic in Southern Vermont, committed to deploying testing all employees on Wednesday May 6, 2020. Employee COVID-19 Antibody Testing will enable VTel to continue providing superior customer service experiences while improving safety among employees and customers.
“We are excited to offer some health security to our employees,” said Michel Guité, President, VTel. “we are proud to facilitate a healthier and more productive Vermont.”

Employee COVID-19 Antibody Testing Availability
Employee COVID-19 Antibody Testing is part of On-Site Medical Services’ commitment to ensuring healthy workplaces and comfortable environments for customers. Employee COVID-19 Antibody Testing is available for employers large and small by appointment only. Most experts believe that the presence of antibodies provides some form of protection against COVID-19 reinfection. Testing an employee workforce helps employers make strategic decisions for workplace infection disease control.

On-Site Medical is the industry leader in on-site medical services for employers large and small in New England. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to achieve healthy workplaces.

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