COVID-19 Testing

Onsite Employee COVID testing

Bringing COVID-19 testing to you

When employees start to show symptoms we are there to test. If one of your employees tests positive for COVID-19, We also conduct regular surveillance testing.​

We make testing easy, by bringing it to the point of employment. We adjust to meet the needs of every employer, large and small. 

We come to the employment site and screen and then test. Bring peace of mind to your employees. We provide 24/7 rapid response testing.

We provide COVID-19 test solutions for diagnostic, screening, and surveillance testing. Learn more about the difference between test types.

On-site Medical Services also offers small group/personal executive testing for the Boston-metro area and New Hampshire.

COVID-19 test options that meet your needs

We offer clients a variety of testing options including:

  • PCR Saliva-based self-administered testing
  • Anterior Nare self-administered testing
  • Pool-based testing
  • Rapid Antigen testing (15 minutes)
  • Rapid PCR testing (30 minutes)
  • Supervised testing options
  • Rapid Molecular testing (15 minutes)
  • Home specimen collection facilitation

All tests we offer to clients have a EUA  for In Vitro Diagnostics or are approved for use as Laboratory Administered Tests. The average turnaround time is 24-48 hours. Additionally, with most test options we offer we also provide the following services:

  • Sign-up of the organization

  • Test scheduling

  • Registration of users

  • Provider orders

  • Optional sample collection

  • Laboratory testing

  • Reporting of results

  • Optional consultation with patients if necessary

  • Public health reporting

We are here to help your organization succeed. 

Rapid Employee Covid Testing
Covid testing provider

Individual COVID-19 Testing

The following pricing and information are not reflective of On-site Medical Services. Our sister company, Keady Family Practice, offers tests for individual healthcare consumers. If you are symptomatic you must see a provider. If you are not sick you may receive a test at the following out-of-pocket rates:

Your test options:* 
1) Rapid Antigen Test: (10 - 15 minutes) 
2) Molecular-based (Privalabs) (24 - 48 hours)
3) Molecular-based (Quest): Billing by Quest (4 - 10 days)
4) Rapid Molecular-based
5) RX only at-home COVID-19 Molecular-based PCR (EuroFins)
6) Rapid antibody test (15 minutes)

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Emergency COVID-19 testing line: 603-359-6298

*testing options and pricing differ for On-site Medical Services