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Do you need to show a negative COVID-19 result for travel, recreation, work or leisure?

We have you covered.

Drive-thru COVID-19 Testing

All testing by On-site Medical Services is self-pay. No insurance is accepted.


  • No physician appointment required

  • No referral required

  • Flat-rate price, no hidden fees or surprise bills

  • Ultra-fast and accurate PCR results

  • Safety and convenience of the drive-thru

  • On-call PCR testing available, come to us or we go to you (Pricing available by phone)

  • You do not have to wait while your test is running

  • Servicing the Greater Boston Region with COVID-19 Testing for Travel

Drive thru covid testing

Pre-payment discounting is available for PCR testing. Frequent customer discount now available. 

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COVID-19 Test Types and Transparent Pricing

​1) Same-day RT-PCR (NAAT) ( Results Within 2 Hours Guaranteed): $235
Learn how we do it below.

2) Rapid Molecular (NAAT) (Abbott ID Now): $139  (30 minutes) (MUST BE US RESIDENT)

3)  Rapid Antigen Test (CARESTART): $100 (15 minutes) (OUT OF STOCK)

4) Rapid Antibody Testing (Fastep): $94 (15 minutes)

-- At-Home Concierge Testing for VIPs and Corporate Clients Available--- Learn more about executive testing by clicking here.


All major credit cards, HSA cards, and cash accepted. Insurance is not accepted for testing. A 3.7% credit card processing fee applies to all card transactions.


COVID-19 Testing Location

Mall of New Hampshire Manchester COVID-19 Travel Testing Clinic

1500 South Willow Street

Manchester, NH 03103

(Parking lots 17-20) near LongHorn Steak House

We are outdoors, drive-through. Put Longhorn Steakhouse in your GPS.

Manchester COVID Testing: 603-540-4739

COVID-19 Testing in NH




We provide test results that comply with all international travel requirements


  • You can have your passport number appear on your test results

  • We do the research into travel requirements so you do not have to

  • You can receive a PDF and/or paper copy of the results

  • We accept foreign addresses

  • We can fill out any test paperwork necessary for travel including paperwork for Japan

  • You receive exceptional professionalism the entire time

  • 24/7 customer support available by phone call or email

  • We rerun in-house invalid results at no extra charge

  • Custom early morning or after hour appointments available for an additional charge

  • Open on holidays and weekends

  • Our test results have the required QR code for travel


Travel Testing FAQ

What is RT-PCR?

RT-PCR stands for Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction. The reaction uses RNA as testing material. RNA (ribonucleic acid) is a single-stranded nucleic acid and it is usually found in viruses as viral RNA. The test used fluorescent dyes as markers to identify genetic materials. RT-PCR tests are considered the "Gold Standard," thus they are required by many travel destinations for entry.

Is RT-PCR or PCR a Molecular or NAAT?

Yes, PCR testing is a molecular test. When travel destination specify you must receive a molecular test they are traditionally referring to PCR testing. However, travel destinations have expanded this definition to include other forms of molecular-based testing, such as our Abbott ID Now testing. The Abbott ID Now test and a PCR is considered Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAATs). A travel destination that definitely accepts Abbott ID Now tests is Aruba and Canada (only if you travel to Canada by land). 

Why do some clinics call their PCR a "rapid" PCR?

Many clinics have not been forthcoming with the instruments being utilized. Some urgent cares have been marketing the Abbott ID NOW instrument as a "rapid" PCR when it is not a PCR instrument at all. We do not misbrand the Abbott ID NOW instrument. The misbranding has caused some travel destinations to ban "rapid" PCRs. We also list the type of instrument utilized on our test results to be completely transparent about our testing. Patients that come to our clinic have the choice between an Abbott ID NOW or a PCR test. While our PCR results come back the same day, it does not make them a "rapid" PCR.

Why do you stamp your results?

Many travel destinations are beginning to require QR Codes or stamping to verify the test result is authentic. In recent months there has been a rise in fraudulent test results and many travel destinations have begun to more closely scrutinize test reports. You may have experienced this yourself if you attempted to use a test result provided by a major pharmacy and it was inexplicably rejected. Many fraudsters have been using fake results purporting to be from major pharmacy chains. We use stamping, embossing, watermarks, and additional information on the test results to differentiate and authenticate test results. We also feature a QR code on our results.  

Is a rapid PCR accepted by travel destinations?

Negative RT-PCR test results are accepted by every country for entry. The modifier of rapid in front of PCR does not make a result invalid. Nonetheless, our PCR test results do not say rapid on them because that is not a scientific term that describes the test. The PCR test result time we provide is simply how long our PCR test takes to run. Travel destinations are aware PCR tests can have varying run times from lab to lab. 

Why do you guys use nasopharyngeal swabs?

We wish we did not have to use the swabs, however, many travel destinations specifically require the use of nasopharyngeal swabs. More travel destinations are beginning to restrict individuals who have: self-administered their test, used an at-home test, or used a saliva test. Unless you tell us your travel destination allows a different swab type we will use a nasopharyngeal swab. We prefer to play it safe and use nasopharyngeal swabs because they are accepted by all international travel destinations. 

How are you guys able to process a PCR in 30 minutes?

Simple, we are an NH licensed laboratory. Typically, when you are swabbed at a doctor's office your sample must be transported to a larger mass testing laboratory. Then your sample is processed alongside hundreds and sometimes thousands of other samples. Your sample must be accounted for, and set in line for processing. The turnaround time for us is shortened because we do not process thousands of samples when you come to us. We process your sample with our instruments on-site (exactly why we are called On-Site Medical Services). There is no transport time and your sample is prioritized. We use faster instruments that provide more accurate results. The way we process your sample minimizes the risk of false-positive or negative results which are more common at larger laboratories that have contamination issues.

Can my test results be emailed?
All test results are emailed and you can also receive a paper copy.

How long should I wait to be tested after a confirmed exposure to COVID-19?
Typically, a person develops symptoms 5 days after being infected, but symptoms can appear as early as 2 days after infection or as late as 14 days after infection, and the time range can vary. You should always wait at least 5 days before being tested for COVID-19. If you have symptoms go seek treatment with your primary care provider.

What is the difference between an Abbott molecular and rapid antigen test?
A molecular test is much more accurate than an antigen test and is similar to the molecular test sent to a laboratory. Abbott molecular tests detect the presence of COVID-19 RNA and can be relied upon for clinical diagnosis. Rapid antigen tests are not as reliable and should not be used as a sole clinical diagnosis tool for COVID-19.

Is your PCR test accepted for international travel?

Yes! We are proud to state that all of our tests can be accepted by travel destinations. Please inform us of your travel destination so we can offer you the tests that work for the destination. If a lower cost option is available for you we will offer you a lower cost option if your travel destination allows the test. On rare occasions, there are specific lab restrictions (Turks and Caicos for example) where we need to do some extra heavy lifting to get the test result to qualify for your travel. However, for almost all travel destinations receiving our in-house PCR comes without extra paperwork or lab requirements; such as for most European destinations, Latin American destinations, India, and Africa. If you are traveling to Turks and Caicos, Japan, Hong Kong, or Singapore you must inform us before we swab you so we can fully comply with the travel destination's guidelines. The only destination we cannot help you get into is Hawaii due to its trusted traveler program. 

Why do the tests cost money?

We are an independent company focused on travel testing and other voluntary testing needs. We do not accept government funding for testing services. Insurance is unwilling to contract with us for the type of services we provide because there is no medical necessity for voluntary testing. Despite the lack of insurance support, we provide superior testing services for travelers at a competitive price.

How do you guys know the travel restrictions?

Research and a lot of it. We pride ourselves on the lengths we have gone to be sure we provide the best travel testing solutions possible. We understand that the test result we provide you can determine whether you can enter a country, we take that responsibility seriously. To date, none of our patients have been denied using our test results properly in over 60+ countries worldwide. 

Why do vaccinated individuals get a discount?

We currently partner with the Department of Health and Human Services of NH to provide vaccinations statewide. We firmly believe in the practice what you preach mentality. Thus, we hope that discounts for vaccinated individuals encourage more to get vaccinated. We can attest that it actually has worked. Further, we require all On-site Medical employees, contractors, and students to be fully vaccinated for the safety of our patients. When you receive services from us, you can be sure that we will not expose you to COVID-19. 


COVID-19 Testing is Close to You!

Manchester COVID-19 Testing Location:

COVID-19 Testing near Manchester Regional Airport - 3 minutes away

COVID-19 Testing near Mall of New Hampshire - 1 minute away

COVID-19 Testing near Waterville (NH Skiing) - 1 hour away

COVID-19 Testing near Nashua - 20 minutes away

COVID-19 Testing near Concord - 20 minutes away

COVID-19 Testing near Derry - 14 minutes away

COVID-19 Testing Near Logan International - 50 minutes away


Laboratory Information

Laboratory Name: On-site Medical Services, LLC. 
Laboratory Clinical Director: Dr. Cecilia Vicuna-Keady, FNP, APRN, DNP
Ordering Provider: Dr. Cecilia Vicuna-Keady, FNP, APRN, DNP
CLIA Number: 30D2209908
NH Laboratory License Number: 04470
Laboratory Fax Number: 603-255-7402
Laboratory Email:
Manchester Laboratory Supervisor: Madeline L. Clark
On-site Laboratory Managing Director: Andrew J. Keady

Patient fact sheet on administered tests:
Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test
Cepheid Xpert Xpress SARS‐CoV‐2

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