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Health Screenings of Employees

Keeping your employees informed

Health Screenings for Employees

We work to ensure employee privacy will achieve employer wellness goals. We conduct regular monitoring of worker health indicators to ensure employees are on the right track. We establish health goals with employees. We work with employees' healthcare providers to help employees meet their wellness goals. 

We keep track of employee weight loss journeys and offer tips for achieving their goals. We offer personalized routines for employees to follow to help manage chronic illnesses. 

Best of all, we work with existing employee wellness plans or help create new ones to help employers lower healthcare expenditures. 

At the end of every month, we offer a breakdown of the estimated healthcare cost savings from the use of our program for employees and the employer.

Ask us how symptom tracking apps such as Wellbility can help achieve a healthier workplace. Symptom tracking along with covid testing is essential.

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