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Population Health COVID

Population Health Management

What is Population Health Management?


Population health management refers to the health management of a group of people, rather than an individual alone. The health of a population is managed by data collection to identify and quantify problems, creating awareness of these issues, and strategies to address these needs. This can be applied to many areas to achieve overall health and wellness in a population. 


Application to COVID-19


Addressing the health of a population is critical to limiting the spread of COVID-19. Testing everyone in a population, such as on a college campus, will inform us of how many cases there are currently. We can then heighten awareness of how many cases there are and where so that proper infection control can be done throughout the population. We can then implement strategies to prevent the spread, which is achieved by asking individuals with COVID-19 to self-isolate, tracing close contacts and asking them to quarantine, and adequately manage those with COVID-19. We can additionally administer COVID-19 vaccines on a large scale when they are available. It is important that an entire population participates in this, as opposed to individuals, to adequately control the pandemic. 


Develop Custom Policies and Procedures


On-Site staff can develop policies and procedures specific to your site to help prevent and control COVID-19 outbreaks. In order to do this best, we use our clinical judgment, stay up-to-date on new research and guidelines, and collaborate with leaders to provide specific guidance. We also utilize telehealth to manage COVID-19 in any members of your staff or organization. The infection status of each individual affects the health status of the population as a whole. It is our goal with the development of thoughtful protocols to serve a population, such as a group of employees or members of a college campus. Ask us how we can serve you

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