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COVID-19 NH Schools
How are you staying safe and healthy this school year?

The start of a new school year brings opportunities to inspire bright minds, reconnect and make new friends. This year, things are different. 

On-Site Medical Services, a licensed and insured provider, is here to help with state-of-the-art testing for COVID-19 and cost-effective solutions to help keep teachers and staff healthy this school year.

Healthy Living Products

V Shield

V Shield is an innovative sterilization technology that easily clips to masks, clothing and bags.This wearable clip repels microorganisms and sanitizes a 1 meter “personal bubble” around the wearer for 30 days. Learn more here.

HandShield Hand Sanitizer

HandShield hand sanitizer provides a long-lasting protective antimicrobial barrier – up to 8 hours, even after washing your hands up to 15 times. Free of alcohol, residue and odor, Handshield is skin-friendly with soothing conditioners to prevent dryness. Learn more here.


Teachers Testing
Symptom tracker
Symptom tracking
Still Googling COVID-19 symptoms?

A Modern Solution to the Pandemic Problem

Our medical team created the healthcare app Wellbility to be the simplest, easiest way to track and assess symptoms. With a campus to run and students to teach, there’s no need to waste time Googling COVID-19 symptoms ever again, thanks to our medically-informed, continually updated app that gives you and your team info needed to keep each other safe. School and district administrators can take advantage of the robust Wellbility dashboard that keeps personal information private and secure, and features user messaging, data trends and automatic notifications of negative test results.

Need help with COVID-19 testing?

Fast & Reliable

On-Site Medical Services is your one-stop-shop for COVID-19 testing, with results in 48 hours or less. With our mobile service, our medical personnel come directly to your campus, making it quick and easy to test faculty, staff and students. For each testing site, flow signs, people barriers, a site safety plan, and collection, transportation, disposal, disinfection and cleaning services are all provided.

Save Children
Face Mask School
What do you do when a staff member reports they have contracted coronavirus?

Service you can trust.

In addition to regular testing, On-Site Medical’s Rapid Response Testing is your answer. We will deploy a medical team to test the entire staff and deliver results to prevent a fast-spreading outbreak and help keep the school open.

Let’s keep your campus open and running safely this school year.

Uncertain where to start, what you need or how to move forward?

We can help.

We get it. The pandemic has caused upheaval in so many areas of life and it’s hard to know exactly what to do next. Our medical staff and safety experts are ready to help you figure out what your campus needs to stay safe and stay open.  Make the most of the school year with a custom plan tailored just for your school.

School Testing

Let us know how we can help.

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