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University Reopening

We have successfully partnered with schools of all sizes to ensure a safe learning environment during a pandemic. Each of our university clients has unique needs and we have met them to allow the campus to succeed. How can we help your campus succeed in campus health and safety?

University Reopening
Social Distancing

Tailored Plan

Our goal is to serve you so you can prevent the spread of COVID-19 on your campus and ultimately in the greater community. In order to best do this, we must first understand your campus and what you need help with. We work closely with staff and with the state to develop policies and procedures specific to many different aspects of your college. 

COVID-19 Testing

We have the ability to test many people for COVID-19 using a variety of testing methods. We bring our mobile laboratory to your campus to perform testing. Due to the high possibility of an outbreak due to asymptomatic and presymptomatic individuals, we believe it is important to be able to test the entire campus and regularly test those who may be at high risk of developing COVID-19, such as student-athletes. Does your campus need testing?

COVID-19 Testing

Should colleges use COVID-19 Antibody Tests?

Antibody Tests

Many schools such as Purdue and the University of Arizona have indicated the possibility of using COVID-19 Antibody testing. Antibody testing may play an important role for universities with reopening and managing resources. However, universities should understand the limitations of antibody testing and the accuracy rate of tests. The presence of antibodies may suggest the person has been infected with COVID-19 in the past. Antibodies may protect individuals against reinfection, however, there is no definitive evidence. Schools should not assume that students with antibodies are immune to reinfection. University leaders should consider whether antibody presence is required for students to participate in certain activities. 

Additionally, universities are ill-equipped to handle the logistics of testing a student body population. Universities should rely on healthcare professionals to coordinate and implement large-scale testing. Improperly implemented testing by a university could inadvertently infect the student population. 


Finally, where antibody testing can play a more significant role is in vaccine deployment. Universities that choose to pursue on-site vaccine deployment will be greatly aided by antibody testing results. Universities and health officials can prioritize vaccines with the aid of antibody test results. Prioritization will likely become a key factor when vaccines are created because there may be a limited supply. 

Learn More About Antibody Tests


Once COVID-19 vaccinations became available, we were able promptly administer them on campuses. We believe that vaccinations are an integral aspect of stopping the spread of the virus, so we will be proactive in administering vaccines as soon as possible. Does your campus need vaccine distribution?

COVID Vaccine
Onsite medical

Symptom Screening

On-Site Medical Services has developed a healthcare app to make tracking and assessing COVID-19 symptoms easy and effective. The Wellbility app uses a health and symptoms questionnaire to assess COVID-19 symptoms, then recommends a specific action step, such as self-quarantine or schedule a test. Wellbility also offers augmented contact tracing to effectively track and manage individual exposure to COVID-19. 

How can we help you excel?

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